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"The most persistent man in television." ~Good Morning America 2007

Here are the amazing stories on paralympic filmmaker Steven C. Barber:

Miami Marathon Video:
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Oscars 2008 Red Carpet Interview:
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"The most persistent man in television." ~Good Morning America 2007

Steven's documentary was featured on GMA July 23, 2007
Steven is the Captain of Team Paul Mitchell:
.          CBS VEGAS - Steven's LIVE Report
.     FOX NEWS - Steven's sound-bite

AWESOME Photoshow:

Vanilla Fire Productions

Founded in 2006 by Steven C. Barber, Vanilla Fire Productions is a full service video and film production company. Vanilla Fire is headquartered in Santa Monica with an additional office in Venice.  


Dan Aykroyd Attached As Narrator For New Documentary About Paraplegic Strife And Triumph.

In collaboration with Vanilla Fire Productions, film-maker Steven C. Barber welcomes aboard Oscar nominated Emmy winning Blues Brother Dan Aykroyd.
Source: Launch Pad Entertainment
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Dan Aykroyd


(PRLog.Org)Nov 23, 2007After spending a year documenting behind-the-scenes of three paraplegics as they prepare and train for the world's longest wheel-chair race, this documentary is now in post production and welcomes aboard Dan Aykroyd.

This movie will be a classic in the healing arena - along the inspirational lines of Christopher Reeves. Hope for all new paraplegic cases. These men meet with 27 other challenged athletes in the raw terrain of Alaska where they push their wheelchairs and their spirit, 50-60 miles each day.
There are 11-Million paraplegics in the world, and each year, only 30 have surmounted their challenge by committing to this grueling annual display of insanity and human truimph.

Multi Grammy-Winner Clint Black is on board, donating a song: On behalf of Equity Music Group, gratis permission to include the sound recording, "A Better Life", in your independent film, CHALLENGE ALASKA (working title). Permission from the copyright owners (Blackened Music & Black In The Saddle Songs) of the musical composition.

267 miles, 6 days and 28 Wheelchair-Bound Heroes

"They must have wings." ~Tamara Henry, MA / associate producer

December 2007

These days, our impression of what constitutes a hero may not encompass what defines the true heroes that walk among us. One form of heroism that is often overlooked is distinguished courage or ability, particularly in the face of adversity.

Filmmaker Steven C. Barber has captured the journey of an awe-inspiring group of heroes; paraplegic and quadriplegic adults, set out to win a rather remarkable race, in their wheelchairs.

Despite considerable physical disability in the form of permanent paralysis, these individuals accomplish more in the course of six days than many others do in a lifetime. They cross 267 miles of rough terrain, one-third of which is uphill, in the Denali Mountain Pass between Fairbanks and Anchorage, Alaska, participating in the longest wheelchair race in the world – The Alaskan Challenge.

For many of the participants, it is a journey of self-discovery, of strength and a demonstration of will and determination. It is also a message to countless individuals with physical limitations worldwide.

Barber is on a mission to reveal the untold story which spans the course of the Extreme Paraplegic during this race and chronicles the lives of these heroic individuals. Barber had no initial idea of how large this project would become. Accordingly, he did not anticipate the gravity of its potential as more than a movie, but as a monumental homage to heroism and a message of hope to countless disabled individuals worldwide.

This film will exceed theatrical distribution, as it is Barber's intention to release it in hospitals and rehabs all over the world, in addition to box office sales like the film MURDERBALL, Winner of the Documentary Audience Award - which now stands at #51 on the all-time documentary chart.    clip 01   

TRAILER           (4 minutes)

PART 1     (9 minutes)
PART 2    (4 minutes)

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