Steven C. Barber makes the New York Times!! (scroll down)
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Outrageous. Tenacious. Determined. Relentless.


Always look important... never break stride... and don't ask any stupid questions.

Oscars 2008:

Gabrielle Tuite

 Steven helped launch Gabrielle's career by submitting her to FHM. You can see more of the Price Is Right model by going to her website gabrielletuite dot com. 

View Video of Steven!!!

Steven was seen in 82-million homes on BEFORE & AFTER'noon Movies on the USA Network: Steven has appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Lenno two years in a row. Steven has appeared on a nationally televised half-time skit during Monday Night Football on ABC: Steven has an upcoming pitch meeting with Comedy Central.


Click on the link below and click on "Demo Reel"



Steven is currently the national sales director for multiple entertainment advertising companies (personal assistant "Kindles" in the background) while writing his latest novel:


Vanilla Fire

"I reject your rejection!!" (Watch the VIDEO link below)

Steven at his September 2006 pitch to VH1:

  watch "REJECTION" on the link below:


Steven at his March 2006 pitch meeting at Comedy Central with Barker's Beauty Gabrielle Tuite and Santa Monica Bevelry Hills Anchor Woman Tamara Henry:

www SpaceAdventures com

Steven is the only person on the planet actively attempting to get the first celebrity to the Space Station.

Watch Steven Wednesday night on "The Tonight Show" NBC:

Steven met February 2006 with William Shatner about executive producing the John Cusack Space Station project.            


             Cusack to the Space Station:

Steven's 2005 appearance on The Tonight Show he says, "Let's get Swayze Crazy to the Space Station!" Steven's second appearence on The Tonight Show February 8th 2006, he says,"Let's get off Prozac and get John Cusack to the Space Station." Steven makes his third appearance in 2007 with a bunny, cuz sex sells and that ain't funny!


Steven also made ADWEEK Magazine:

From airplanes to the space station...

Since this article was published, Steven has met with Mel Gibson. Steven now has an A-list celebrity on board. Steven met with Larry Page the CEO of Google in attempts to have Google sponsor the mission.


"Buzz" Aldrin at the 2006 Oscar Party.

"Yes we went to the moon! Do you want me to hit ya?"

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Part 2:

Part 3:

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